About Andrea West Growing up in Winnipeg, I was surrounded by great cooks, who introduced me to a world of culinary experiences. I fell in love with the variety, textures and colours of food. And was often caught playing or arranging the food on my plate. When I received my first camera (a Brownie Hawkeye), my favorite subject was always food.

Later in life, I took my creative interests and skills to the University of Manitoba to study art and photography, adding as many extracurricular cooking courses as I could to the mix.

At one point, a friend of mine, a creative director at an advertising agency, convinced me to put my creative focus to work for the agencies’ food and beverage clients, and things came full circle from there.

The agency environment taught me a lot about the production side of the creative development process, including an understanding of how photography requirements change for different media and mediums.

When several projects required the specific skills of a food stylist, I stepped into the role, working with the client, the art director and the photographer, to provide the best ‘food image’ possible for packaging, print or whatever the project demanded.

After that…I was hooked. Ten plus years later I left the ad agency world and went out on my own, expanding my client base to include those looking to use my skills for video, TV and film applications. New technologies allowed me to work with clients anywhere.

Now…twelve years later, I work with all kinds of clients that have a diverse range of food related requirements. The one thing that all projects have in common is food. Understanding food, working with food and presenting it at its best…is what I love to do. I’m lucky, I still play with my food, but now I get paid for it.

My Services:

  • food styling for still, video, film
  • food styling for print, menus, packaging, TV, Web,
  • set styling (TV, Film)
  • recipe & food product development
  • food packaging development
  • food marketing & development
  • ag & commercial foods - consultant